George Voicke - Producer

About Me

Hiya. I am a Game Producer with over 4 years of experience within the Games Industry. I have worked on various projects, spanning multiple platforms, including console and mobile.

I can work well under pressure, whilst meeting tight deadlines and I can meet milestones without compromising a product’s quality.

I have extensive knowledge of the game development pipeline, including prototyping, testing, certification and QA.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss a potential project, or simply just want to chat about anything game or tech-related. 


Oculus Quest
XB1 / PS4 / Switch
XB1 / PS4 / Switch
XB1 / PS4 / Switch
XB1 / PS4 / Switch / iOS / tvOS / Mac
XB1 / PS4 / Switch
XB1 / PS4 / Switch
XB1 / Switch / Steam / PC


Associate Proudcer

Warp Digital Entertainment

Aug 2018 – Present

Realised Titles include :

– Dr Who: The Edge of Time VR – Oculus Quest
– Close to the Sun – XB1 / PS4 / Switch
– The Bradwell Conspiracy – XB1 / PS4 / Switch / iOS / tvOS / Mac
– Return of the Obra Dinn – XB1 / PS4 / Switch
– Blasphemous – XB1 / PS4 / Switch
– For The King – XB1 / PS4 / Switch
– GRIP Combat Racing – XB1 / PS4 / Switch
– Pumped BMX Pro – XB1 / Switch / Steam / PC

Studio Producer

BeefJack Studio

October 2017 – June 2018

Managing Projects – Relayed information between clients and the team to ensure the project was on track and milestones were met. Spoke with potential clients offering alternatives to reduce game scope and to fit within the teams limitations and budget.

Planning – Coordinating with the CEO, clients and the development team whilst supervising the development cycle from concept stage to completion of the project.

Team Management – Improved moral, motivation and ensured team was on track to deliver deliverables on time and to the highest quality. Used Slack, Trello, Discord and Skype to make sure everyone knew their tasks and the team and clients were kept up to date.

QA – Tested in-house projects as well as client work for the Marketing team giving feedback where applicable.

Freelance 3D Artist & Animator

The Paul Mellon Centre

March 2017 – June 2017

Accuracy – Used artist depictions and blueprints to create the environment to scale and used the original painting texture for accuracy.

Animation & Modelling – Used AutoDesk Maya to create the 3D environment and animation walk-through. Received a script from the client so I could create the animation in time with the client’s presentation.

Time & Budget Estimate – Discussed with the client what they wanted and their budget. Then discussed what I could deliver in the time needed.

Freelance 3D Artist & Unity Developer

UCL Knowledge Lab

Jan 2017 – April 2017​

3D Asset Creation – Created assets based on the client and project needs, using reference images as inspiration.

3D Asset Edits – All models needed to be low poly but high quality so old assets were re-skinned based on the model’s topology and materials used.

Unity Development – Created and attached scripts to 3D models in the game engine to make them interactive and accessible via the game inventory system

QA Experience

Tested the game for bugs including multiplayer & login issues.

Reported bugs to games programmer listing bugs and screen capturing issues.


Insane Robots

June 2017

Tested the game for bugs and story errors.

Recorded gameplay using video capture and logged all bug using a data script.

Roll 7

Laser League

February 2017

Tested the games multiplayer functionality and gameplay mechanics.

Reported bugs directly to the games developers giving my feedback on the games UI and aesthetics.

Bossa Studios

Surgeon Simulator PS4

March 2014

Tested the game for bugs and gameplay issues.

Reported bugs to games programmer directly.